Turtle Wax Bug Tar Remover

Turtle Wax bug tar
Turtle Wax Bug Tar Remover

Turtle Wax Bug Tar Remover is what you will need after your cruise and the front of you muscle pontiac is full of the remains of the bugs that were looking for a meal on the highway.  The front looks like a splatter field if you were out after dark.  If you leave these to bake on the acids in the bugs will start to eat your paint. How do you use Turtle Wax Bug Tar remover

Removing bugs from front of Pontiac
Bugs on the Front of a black G8

Start with a cool surface to work on. Like any other wax material a hot surface will make the wax material dry very fast and it will not have time to do its job. Just spray on the surface, product recommends that you do not use on porous materials, it will be hard

Front of G8 after bug cleaning
After the use of Turtle Wax Bug Tar

to get the wax out and the surface will turn white. You do not have to wait to wipe off, just use a soft cloth that will not hurt your surface finish. Some items will take more than one application if they have been on the surface for very long or were in a location that was very warm and were baked on. Just remember the softer the item the faster it will remove. Removing Tar from behind the wheels will be just the same with bugs. Need to work on it before the tar has set for a long time. It will be easy to remove with just one application. The inside of the wheel wells will take the most work if it is not very clean to start with. Most people that take the time to clean the inside wheel well will have it cleaned from mud and other debris after each use. I like to clean the front of the mirrors and the front of the car after each cruise to keep the bugs from setting in the paint and being hard to remove.  A five minute job will make your ride ready for the next cruise night. Pros Works great with all kinds of bugs and other items that are splattered on the surface of your vehicle. Leaves a polished finish when done. Can be used on any painted or chrome surface.  Can be used on your everyday drive. Easy to use, do not have to wait for it to dry, just spray on and wipe off. Cons Must be used when surface is cool.   Because bugs do not always just get on flat surfaces, the bug and tar is hard to get off of tight spaces with a good clean cloth.


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