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Hi everyone, I am John and I have been rebuilding Pontiac’s since 1982.

During this period I have rebuilt from the ground up a 1968 GTO convertible and a 1970 GTO convertible.

The 1968 started as a GTO hardtop basket case, I purchased a Lemans to create the GTO. The Lemans started out as a Green, automatic, 350 2 barrel with a 2 something rearend. I changed it to a White, close ratio four speed with a HO 400 and 390 Posi rearend. This was quite an undertaking before the aftermarket parts were available. All of the change was very positive, but at the time it was not very good to make a GTO clone out of a Lemans.

When I got a lot of negative feedback at the carshows I went to, I decided to find a real GTO. I found a 1970 Convertible that needed a lot of work. It had a birds nest on the intake manifold and it you did not hit the spare tire with what you put in the trunk, it hit the ground. What a lot of work. This car has won trophies at the national GTO shows. I will be posting on this site some of the things that I have done and share my how to’s. Also on this site you can leave your experience with your Pontiac of choice.

So about me….

I am now 60 years young. I have rebuilt many a vehicle. At one point in my life I was doing one flop a year, rebuilding something that was going to the scrap yard. I have rebuilt Harley Davidson, Norton, Honda, GM, Ford and Chrysler products.

I have done engine rebuild-replacement, rewire, interior, bolt on body parts and suspension rebuilds. I just do not like doing body work and have always farmed this out

I was a Judge at a national event for one year. I have a great knowledge of how a 60’s and 70,s Pontiac goes together and how to fix things. I also own a 09 G8GT, and have owned a 06 GTO. I know a little bit about the newer LS engines and Pontiac’s also.

If you need support on a how to or where to find that correct part for your car, just leave a note and I will get back to you.

Thanks for your comments,


E-Mail at john@musclepontiacparts.com



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