Pontiac Interior Parts-Repair or Replace-Door panels-Seats-Console

In this report we will talk about the different parts and how to make repair them or get quality replacement parts for your 60’s and 70’s muscle Pontiac.

Door panels Pontiac GTO
Door panels Pontiac GTO

Door Panels and accessories

To remove the door panel you must first remove the door pull(two screws), door handle, window crank(clip on the back), door lock button(unscrew) and the screws on the bottom of the panel. Some models are different and may have more things attached. Inspect the door panel after removal, look at the back for any water damaged. If the backer board is warped you will never get a good look here. Some models have carpet attached to the bottom of the panel, check the color to make sure it still is a good match for the interior carpet. The carpet can be replaced independent from the panel. If your panel has a hole for a speaker, this makes it a good candidate for replacement.
Door pulls are mostly two parts. They have a hard plastic base and a cover for the top. These can be replaced separately. The door handles, window cranks, power window buttons and door locks can be replaced if the chrome is not in good shape or cannot be polished .
Most after market companies have a good selection of door products to choose from.

Rough interior 1970 GTO, cannot see duck tape for the fuzzy seat covers
Rough interior 1970 GTO, cannot see duck tape for the fuzzy seat covers

Seats and Console

Inspection of the seat and console will take very little time.

Does the seat operate correctly? Inspect for discoloration, tares and bad chrome on the seats. Front seats only four nuts or bolts hold the seat in, rear seats have clips to hold down the bottom part and two screws to hold the top half. If you are lucky to have power seats, you will have to unplug the motor before removal. Most exterior parts can be replaced very easy. The lower skirt has just two screws holding it on and the chrome strip can be replaced. The seat cover itself is not that easy, to take off the cover you must remove all of the hog rings around the perimeter of the seat. The foam is also attached by hog rings. The foam must be replaced if it has started to break down or just comes apart when taking cover off.

The console has very few parts. Inspection of the out side may reveal some holes made for mounting things (Tach, CB radio or gauges) on the front part. Some models have an inlay of either stamped aluminum or Walnut grain. Removing the console door will take just a screw driver. Inspect the door and its hinges to make sure that the do not need replacement. Taking the console out will require the removal of the storage box, this should come out with very little effort. Mounting screws will be found under the box, should be another screw on the front. Some models require the removal of the top plate to get to the mounting screws.
On automatic cars the shifter is mounted to the console. The Cable must be disconnected before removal can be done. The cable is connected with a clip that will require some effort to remove. There is a light for automatics that will have to be unplugged also. The shifter can be removed from the console after it has been removed from the car. Inspection of the shifter and its parts will tell if the shift indicator lense, chrome, light or shifter bezels will need replaced.
On Standard transmissions the knob will have to be removed before the console can be lifted over the shifter handle.

Head liner, Carpet, Convertible tops and dash components will be on another page

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  1. I love pontiacs because everything is huge and relatively easy to take off, not like the cars these days with all this plastic clips that break easy. Thanks for sharing this article.

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