Drive Train-Visual check

Some parts will have to be removed for you to get the best results in the Drive Train test. The front end will have to have the weight off of the wheel that is tested and the wheel will have to come off to test the rear bearings.
You can check for play in the front wheel bearing and steering components while the front wheel is off of the ground. Make sure you use a jack stand to support the front end. With a hand on the front and back of the front wheel check for play in the ball joints and steering joints. A friend can help by putting a hand on each joint as the front wheel is moved. Any play is too much play. Make notes of each area that needs attention. Most joints and rubber parts will only last 10-20 years. Most of the older Muscle Pontiac’s are well beyond that. Check the rag joint in the steering column.
Motor-Check for leaks on the ground, note the color. Red will be Transmission fluid, brown will be engine oil and green will be antifreeze. With your flashlight check the motor mounts and transmission mounts for bad rubber parts.
Drive shaft-check the front and rear joint for extra play. If the rear end is already off the ground, put transmission in neutral, and spin the drive shaft listening for any noise.
Use flashlight to check all of the rubber joints in the shocks and rear control arms on those equipped. On the models with leaf springs check the rubber on the front and rear of the leaf spring. There should be no cracks in any of the rubber bushings.

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