Parts are parts right?-All Muscle Pontiac Parts are not created equal

When you start your search for your parts, you have to find out how much work you want to do after you have received your part. Look at the following examples of buying a carburetor for your muscle Pontiac.

pontiac carb1

First we will look at buying at a yard sale or other low price market place. The carburetor that you will receive will look like the one in the first picture. After the purchase price you will have to spend the additional money to make it work and look like it belongs on a show car. If you are just trying to get a Pontiac Muscle car on the road this may be the route you want to take. You will spend less money on this purchase up front, but in the long run you may have to put a lot more money in this purchase in the long run.

pontiac carb 2

Second we will look at buying a used, but off of a running car. Most people will tell you that this carburetor will run on your car right out of the box. Most will run, but how long has it been in the box and just collecting dust?  Will it run or will it need a rebuild kit to run on today’s fuel?  This kind of part will just get you on the road, but will not look good when going to car shows and raising your hood. How much more money will you have to spend to get your car to run correctly?

Pontiac carb 3

Third is to buy a carburetor for your Muscle car from a dealer that has already been rebuilt and run it on a test engine. Most carburetors in the category are ready to run out of the box and will be refinished in the correct color so that the purchase will cost the most money up front, but in the long run you will have only a one time purchase.  Opening the hood of your Pontiac muscle car at a car show will bring a smile to your face. You might even get several people to ask you where you got your carburetor work done. This carburetor will get you the most bang for you dollar, but up front cost are higher.


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